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Jacob’s family

The Bosscher family farm in McBain, MI   The Bosschers
The Bosscher family farm in McBain, MI   The Bosschers
Jacob, John, Tena
Mamie, Hidde, Bregtje

Nellie’s family

Abraham and Jane (Rabbers) Lucas - Nellie's parents.Abraham and Jane (Rabbers) Lucas – Nellie’s parents.    

Family Album


You can see the inscription on the photo. That’s Grandpa standing on the far left (holding baby Ada); Grandma is next to him. On the bench in front from left to right: Helen, Bea, Jay, and Art.

These pictures offer a wonderful glimpse into the Bosscher home life in New Mexico (apparently at Christmas.)

Back row: Bea, Nellie, Art, Helen,Jake
Middle row: Ada,Jay
Front row: David, Howard, Bob, Harry (they just look like trouble, don’t they?!)
  Bea, Helen, Nellie, Jake, Ada, Jay, Harry
Howard, David, Art, Bob
Taken at Bob & Etta’s wedding in 1950.   Taken at Dave & Marilyn’s wedding in 1951.
Taken at Uncle Bob and Aunt Et’s house in 1957. (Thanks, Rose!)   29 Bosscher cousins (missing our New Mexico branch)
Jake & Nellie Bosscher    

Submitted by Peggy


Peggy, Uncle Bob, Bette
Bette, Jack, Peggy

Mystery Solved??


This photo was passed along to me from Ruth Dorgelo, a great-granddaughter of Mamie Bosscher Meekhof. There is reason to believe that this a four-generation photo of Bosschers, but we have no idea who they are!

Update: Bob Bosscher of Hudsonville (son of Jay and Lorraine) gave us this photo of his grandfather, Rhyne Bosscher, who he believes to be the young man on the right. The baby could be any one of Rhyne’s five children, but we believe then the man on the left to be his father, Jakob, and the old gentleman in the back to be Jacob Hiddes Bosscher.

Bob Bosscher also loaned us this gem of a photo, taken in 1948 at Johnson Park in Grandville, Michigan. Space constraints being what they are, the picture is reduced considerably from its original size (about 6″ by 28″).