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Many years ago, my grandfather, Jacob H. Bosscher, wrote his memoirs for his children and grandchildren.  Grandpa’s story started back in horse-and-buggy days and involves flu epidemics, budget cutbacks, debt, decades in Rehoboth,New Mexico, and a stint in the New Mexico State Senate. I wanted to make his wonderful story of God’s faithfulness available to my children and grandchildren, so I re-typed Grandpa’s Memoirs and added dozens of photos as well as Grandma’s memoirs and a conclusion written by my Aunt Bea.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of these memoirs, you can do so by clicking on this link:

Bosscher Reunion 2010

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The Bosscher reunion was held on Saturday, 07 August, in the youth building of the 12th Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Jenison.  We gathered to visit with Bob & Deb Skarda, who had traveled “up north” from Atlanta to attend a convention in Chicago.  They surprised us by bringing along Karen Rolader and Tom Skarda, also from the Atlanta area!!

Karen Rolader and Aunt Helen

Bob Skarda, Harry Bosscher, Tom Skarda

Bosscher brothers: Art, Harry, Dave, Howard

Charlie and Uncle Art – they drove all night to be at the reunion.

Siblings Dave, Harry, Helen, Art, and Howard

There’s always plenty of chocolate at a Bosscher get-together.

Lots of catching up to do!

Aunt Helen and Bob

Bette and Carol

Arie and Natalie

Bob and Peggy

Sue and Deb

Uncle Howard

Karen brought us fudge made with Aunt Ada’s recipe

Aunt Etta, Natalie, and Bob

Sue and Harry

Our host, Tom, and Mark

Tom and David Jay

Charlie and Rick

Karen and Harry

Bette with Uncle Howard and Aunt Doris

Harry brought this bumper sticker. 🙂

A little plug here – Bob Skarda has written a couple of books about early Georgia history.  Check out his website:

Bosscher Bash

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Sunset Manor’s Town Square room was the setting for the “Bosscher Bash” on August 10.  We were honored to have Bob & Deb join us from Atlanta, Lyn from Lakeland, and Dave & Rose from Pella.

Thank you so much, Tom & Sheila, for arranging this reunion!

Back row: Dave, Howard, Harry

Front row: Helen, Arthur

Cousins!  Bonus points if you can name all of them!

Deb & Bob

Uncle Howard sneaks up on Rose

Carol and Lyn

Mary and Uncle Dave

Uncle Art brought along his friend, Harriet

Rose and David

Sally, Carol, Rose, Joy, Lyn

Bob gives Aunt Helen greetings from his siblings

Jack and Mary

Charlie and Jack

David and Tim

Uncle Art and Bob

Peg & Joe

There was plenty of “Bosscher quailified” chocolate available!

Aunt Doris, Lyn, Sue, Sally, and Tom look through an album of Grandpa and Grandma’s photos, which Aunt Doris painstakingly transferred to a sturdier album.  The highlight for many was the discovery of this photo:

Grandma toting a rifle!!!