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From Emily Bosscher (daughter of Rob & Gayle, granddaughter of Bob & Etta): ” I just directed the Music Man at Illiana Christian High School, and had the pleasure of directing Uncle Dave’s Natalie’s granddaughter.  (And yeah, Natalie’s son is my principal there as well).  I got a couple of pictures of all of us at the play on March 7.”


” Abbi Mantel (Natalie’s granddaughter), myself (Emily Bosscher), Uncle Dave, and Natalie”


“Abbi and myself”


“….myself, Natalie, Uncle Dave, Maggie (Natalie’s granddaughter), Natalie Mantel  (Natalie’s daughter), Abbi, and someone I don’t know (I think a former teacher with Natalie)”

Catching Up

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Since the last time we updated this site:

Jairo Solano (husband of Rick & Sue Kuiper’s daughter, Kelly) was sworn in as a citizen of the United States in a ceremony at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids on October 22.

Rick & Sue enjoy a little celebratory tailgating with Jairo and their grandchildren,

Sean and Natasha, after the ceremony

The Solano Family

Jairo & Kelly, Sean, and Natasha

I received this beautiful photo of Aunt Ada’s granddaughter and Tom’s daughter, Holly, and her son Henry.

Holly is a nursing student in Denver.

Harry celebrated his 85th birthday on November 29 with a family dinner.

Left to right: Howard, Harry, Helen, David, Art