Harry Bosscher and Family


This photo was taken at Harry’s 84th birthday party in late November.

Back row: Peggy, Tom, Bette, Joy

Front row: Gail, “H.B.”, Bev

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  1. Geert Jans (Gert) Bosscher Says:

    Dear Bosschher (USA) family,

    Browsing on the internet for some genealogical information I found the Bosscher.org site. Many years ago Jacob H. Bosscher, the autor of the “Genealogy of the descendents of Hidde Bosscher” visited Holland and he probably met my father Klaas. I have an original of this booklet written on a typewriter. The pages which describe your genealogy match 100% with my family line, so following many generations we are related.
    Starting with Albert Hiddes Bosscher, who had 10 children, 2 of them were Jan Alberts and Hidde Alberts.
    You are descendents of Albert Hiddes, following the line of Albert Hiddes, Hidde Alberts, Jacob Hiddes, Hidde etc.
    We followed the line of Albert Hiddes, Jan Alberts, Klaas Jans, Geert, Klaas, Geert Jans(myself), Alwin Igor, Quinten Lucas.
    In my opinion it could be interesting to exchange our genealogical data and complete our records. If you agree, I suggest to exchange it in the form of a Gedcom file which will probably match to any program.

    Best regards from the Bosscher (NL) family.
    Gert Bosscher

  2. JoyLJ Says:

    Hello Gert!
    What a nice surprise! Jacob H. Bosscher was my grandfather (you can find photos of him on the main images gallery page of this website) Would you please send me your e-mail address? Mine is JLJurries@gmail.com.
    I will be happy to send you our Gedcom file!
    Joy (Bosscher) Jurries

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